How Can A 16-Year-Old Lose Weight Fast?

Published: 07th February 2012
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Asking "how can a 16-year-old lose weight fast" is completely reasonable, not only because a teenager's life is much different than an adult's, but also because a teenager is still growing and developing and needs to be aware of medically safe ways of managing weight.

The Challenges

Unlike adults, teenagers (particularly 16-year-olds) must face many challenges when it comes to staying healthy and in good physical condition. They have to deal with things such as :

1. Pressure
2. Too Much Free Time
3. Directed and Enticing Marketing

The first includes issues such as being at a party with lots of junk food available. You might not be 'pressured' into having a lot of it by your friends, but the fact that it is available and everyone is enjoying it by the plate load will no doubt leave you wanting to join in having just as much. It is difficult to keep yourself from eating too much just from sheer will power, so here are a few ways you can avoid doing this:
- Try using a smaller plate! It may be unavoidable filling your plate multiple times, but it's better to do that with a smaller plate rather than a bigger one. That way you still think you are having a lot but really you're not! Or, if only large plates are available, after finishing your plate the first time put it in the sink or in the garbage (if it is paper). This will take away the temptation of filling it up again.
- Try eating healthier stuff at home before the party! Doing this will help you feel not as hungry and you will not be eating junk food to fill yourself at the party.

The second is hard to avoid, but is the most dangerous to weight gain. This challenge is most likely the biggest antagonist to the question how can a 16-year-old lose weight fast. Too much free time refers to being home a lot after school with hardly anything to do. You will find yourself snacking a lot just from straight boredom, or going on the tv or computer too much which obviously does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You can avoid this challenge by...
- Getting outside and doing something active.
- Organizing more outings with friends or family just to get out of the house.
- Create a schedule organizing days and times you are allowed to use the tv or computer or snack. Start off easy for yourself, being quite general, but as the weeks go on begin to cut back and eliminate allowances on your schedule.

The third challenge comes from the media. With so many junk food products and inactive activities being pushed at teenagers from commercials and such, it is very hard to not be interested.
- Try to think from the advertisers perspective. They are trying to make those commercials the most attractive and enticing to teenagers your age so that they can make the most money from your purchases. How many times have you bought something that looked great on the tv but it really wasn't all that special? It looked so much better on the tv to try to convince you. Just be careful with advertisements.

So the first big tip to learning how can a 16-year-old lose weight fast involves recognizing these 3 challenges that teenagers must face and being able to adjust or overcome them. This is the toughest part. Although a teenager's physical body itself is much easier to keep at a steady weight, the mental side of maintaining a healthy body still remains challenging. Teens, you must always remember that the adults in your life (namely parents) were once teenagers as well and have gone through many of the challenges you face and have emerged intact. So do not hesitate to talk with them and ask how they did it or what kinds of things they encountered. Experience can always be trusted.

Now, the physical answer to the question how can a 16-year-old lose weight fast. Metabolism is naturally much higher in youth, so whatever calories you consume can be burned off very fast through a little bit of exercise. The nominal amount of exercise a 16-year-old is supposed to have in a day is 1-3 hours... no less. Going for a jog remains the best way to lose weight, and exercising your muscles with weights always accents your cardio exercises perfectly. Besides trying to stay active, eat healthy and be aware of what is in the food you are eating so you can keep track and not overdo your allowance. At 16, boys are best to consume 2600 calories in a day and girls 2000 calories. Remember too that you are still growing, and have most likely not reached your full height yet. As you get taller, you will stretch out and become slimmer without even trying. So how can a 16-year-old lose weight fast? Remember the 3 challenges you are sure to face, stay active and eat healthy foods!

I hope this article helped you. If you would like to learn more about losing weight and eliminating stomach fat, visit!

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